Amazing History Exercise 4

Amazing History Exercise 4


An Indian businessman, Enver Rasid left his house in Notthinghempshire because there were ghosts. He bought it for 7.200.000 $.
After moving to that house, they heard strange noises. One day he saw his daughter in the living room. She was in front of the television. Enver Rasid called her name but she didn’t
hear. When he went upstairs, he saw that her daughter was in bed.
Finally when they saw blood on their babies’ bed they decided to move. He said:
‘I didn’t believe in ghosts but they were real in that house.’



1. He was an Indian businessman.
2. Because there were ghosts in it.
3. They heard strange noises when they moved to that house.
4. He saw her daughter.
5. He saw that her daughter was in bed.
6. They decided to move when they saw blood on their babies’ bed.

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