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Amazing History Exercise 6

ABOUT BUNGEE – JUMPING Do you want to go bungee–jumping? If you do, think twice. Because you will have extra danger but you will also have extra adrenalin. This is the history of bungee jumping. It was found in New Zealand by A.J. Hackett. He jumped from a bridge

Amazing History Exercise 5

LEARNER’S LETTER Dear Jack; Before coming to England, I couldn’t do many things in English. I couldn’t understand the dialogues the articles, the films, the songs… I remember, one day I went to a party and I couldn’t understand a word, I felt bad. Finally my aunt came and took me to home.

Amazing History Exercise 4

Amazing History Exercise 4 An Indian businessman, Enver Rasid left his house in Notthinghempshire because there were ghosts. He bought it for 7.200.000 $. After moving to that house, they heard strange noises. One day he saw his daughter in the living room. She was in front of the television. Enver Rasid called

Amazing History Exercise 3

Amazing History Exercise 3 On 21st February, 1988 Adam Tanner and his dog Kola went for a walk.Suddenly his dog sat on the grass and began watching something Adam got curious and looked at the same direction. ‘There was a line of orange light. Then it became ‘V’ and went up. I went

Amazing History Exercise 2

Amazing History Exercise 2 Match with the pictures Answers: 1. f 2. i 3. d 4. b 5. e 6. j 7. h 8. g 9. c 10. a

Amazing History Exercise 1

Amazing History Exercise 1 1. When I saw the creature in my dream, I was afraid. 2. When she solved the problem she got very happy. 3. When the teacher saw the noisy students he got angry. 4. When I saw his letter, I was very sad. 5. When

Amazing History

Amazing History 1. I’m cold. Please give me a …………… . 2. Do you remember this ………………? We used to sit under it. 3. My father is very tired today. He is ………………… sleeping in his room. 4. We used to ………………… letters to our friends when there was no Internet

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