Preferences Exercise 2

Read the passage and write the activities under the pictures.
Holiday Alternatives


Here is a list of some of the North Cyprus holiday alternatives. They will make your holiday more interesting and enjoyable.
a. Trekking
If you would like to experience the mountains of North Cyprus you had better go on a trekking and hiking tour in Kyrenia. You’ll be very amazed when you see the area from a panoramic point.
b. Turtle Watching
If you want to do something different in North Cyprus Turtle, Research Group is ready for you. They will help you for discovering the features of the island.
c. Bird Watching
It enables you to experience a colourful side of the island. You can see 353 different species.
d. National Parks
The park is in Karpas Peninsula and you can see many birds, wild donkeys, rare şora and wonderful beaches.


1. national parks 2. bird watching
3. trekking 4. turtle watching

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