Comparative Form – Superlative Form Exercise 3



You can see it easily if you look at the frt page. ‘Facebook is a social utility that cnects you with the people around you.'
What can you do with Facebook? It's easy. You can poke someone, you can find your old classm. You can add otos and see your friends' otos. You can play games. You can
be the member of social groups. This is the easiest way of being social.
What if you don't want to be a part of ‘Facebook?' That's more logical. You can see and call your friends yourself. You can be the member of a real social group. You can share the most
important moments of your life with real people.
Your secret life is in danger in Facebook. Somebody may say bad words for you or they may add bad photos. This will be the worst day of your life.
If you want to a real life, connect the life itself. Don't use the internet sites to spend your time.

1. What can you see easily at the front page of Facebook?

2. Who can you find in Facebook?

3. Whose photos can you see?

4. Can you be the members of social groups?

5. Is it more logical to be a part of Facebook?

6. What can you do yourself?

7. Which groups can you be the member of?


1. ‘You can see Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you.'
2. You can find your old classmates.
3. You can see your friends photos.
4. Yes, you can.
5. Yes, it is.
6. You can see and call your friends yourself.
7. You can be the member of a real social group.

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