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Adjectives Of Emotion Exercise 3

Put the pharagraphs in correct order.

1. A) Then she mixed them with water.
B) Finally she, put meat in them and it was ready.
C) My mother wanted to cook ‘mantı’
D) First she put some şour, an egg and some salt into a bowl.
2. A) Finally he gave the rest of it to poor people.
B) He bought a new house and a car.
C) First my father won a lot of money in lottery.
D) Then he gave some money to my mother.
3. A) Then fasten your seat belt.
B) First check the car.
C) Finally you can drive it safely.
D) If you want to drive a car, be careful
4. A) First my mother checked my temperature and it was 40° .

B) I was very ill last night.
C) Then she called daddy.
D) Finally they brought me to the nearest hospital.
5. A) If you want to be healthy you will obey these rules.
B) First you should lose weight, it is dangerous.
C) Then you should eat fruit and vegetables.
D) Finally you will be healthier than before.
6. A) Finally you can eat it with pleasure.
B) Then tell this to the waiter.
C) First choose your meal.
D) If you want to have dinner at a restaurant, have the menu.
7. A) People always have to work.
B) Finally they start working and they earn money.
C) First they graduate from the universities.
D) Then they apply for a job.
8. A) Finally you become a doctor and work.
B) If you want to be a doctor in Türkiye, you enter an exam.
C) Then you study there for five years.
D) After the exam you attend Medical Studies University.
9. A) Then he worked there for five years.
B) One day Mr. Green found a job in Canada.
C) After five years he came back. They are very rich now
D) Mr. and Mrs. Green were very poor.
10. A) She wanted to work and earn money.
B) Then she changed her mind and entered the exam.
C) First Jane didn’t want to go to university.
D) Finally she was able to attend a university.


– She usually cleans her room with her sister.
– She always cleans her room with her sister.
– She sometimes cleans her room with her sister.
– She never cleans her room with her sister
(= She doesn’t clean her room with her sister.)
– She generally cleans her room with her sister.

1. C – D – A – B 2. C – B – D – A 3. D – B – A – C 4. B – A – C – D
5. A – B – C – D 6. D – C – B – A 7. A – C – D – B 8. B – D – C – A
9. D – B – A – C 10 . C – A – B – D

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