It Used To Be
‘It was’ kullanımına anlamca yakındır. Herhangi bir nesnenin artık olmadığını ya da değiştiğini anlatmak için kullanılır.
‘It used to be a high building.’
‘ It used to be my favourite shirt.’
It was a high building.
It was my favourite shirt.

There was/There were = There used to be
Was/Were = Used to be

1. It used to be a bookshop. ………..
2. It used to be a beautiful house. ……….
3. It used to be a cinema. …………
4. It used to be a beautiful rose. ……….
5. It used to be on the wall. ………..
6. It used to be in its cage. ……….
7. It used to be a perfect night. ……….
8. It used to be an accident. ……….
9. It used to be a very tall tree. ……….
10. It used to be a wedding dress. ……….

Used To

Bu konuyu daha önce çalışmıştık ancak bu kez daha çok ‘ There used to be ….. ‘ ve ‘ It used to be ……’ kullanımları üstünde duracağız.
‘Used to’ yapısı geçmişte geçerli olmuş ancak artık değişen durumları çağrıştırır. Bunun için;

a. There used to be

‘There is/are’ yapısının geçmişte olmuş ama artık geçerliliğini yitirmiş şeklidir. Anlam açısından ‘ there was / there were ‘ yapısına benzer.
‘There was a bank near the post office in 1980′
1. There used to be flowers in the vase yesterday = There were şowers in the vase yesterday.
2. There used to be a hospital here in 1990=
There was a hospital here in 1990.
3. There used to be photographs on the wall =
There were photographs on the wall.



Ahmet was very poor when he was a small child. He and his family used to live in a small town. Their house had only one room. They used to eat, sleep and live in the same room. His father was very ill. Ahmet used to work after school. By the help of one of their neighbours Ahmet found a job in a restaurant. He used to wash the dishes. He used to dream a lot. He always wanted to be the owner of a restaurant. He learnt how to cook observing his uncle. He became a very good cook.
One day he opened his restaurant in the city centre. Sometimes poor people used to come and eat everything they wanted.
Ahmet used to have a strange habit during the courses of the day. He set a table and put two plates on the table. Nobody came and sat on that table but Ahmet always did the same thing.
Nobody heard the words in Ahmet’s mouth, either. “Mummy and Daddy you won’t be hungry anymore. Have your meals with joy”

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